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Health hub is launched in Barry


Patients of GP practices in the Central Vale Cluster with less serious conditions are being directed to a new ‘Primary Care Hub’ that will run over the winter months.

It is available to any patients registered with any GP practice in Barry as well as Sully Surgery.

A spokesperson for the cluster said: “Everyone recognises that there’s an increased demand on GP services and so this pilot aims to test ways to alleviate the growing pressure on GPs and the out of hours service, particularly during the busy winter period when demand goes up.”

The hub is supported through Welsh Government winter funding until the end of March 2020. It will operate centrally in Barry between 10.30am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Patients will contact their GP in just the same way as they do now but for certain conditions an appointment will be made at the Central Hub with a qualified clinician which means patients will be seen sooner.

Patients are reminded that they can still visit their local community pharmacy for advice, support and treatment of common minor illnesses and ailments.

Funding will allow the Hub to operate for a limited time only over the winter but the Central Vale Cluster, supported by Cardiff & the Vale UHB, will monitor and evaluate the use of the service to look at adapting and planning services in the future to best meet patient care.

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