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21st November 2019

Incinerator Campaign groups to protest at Senedd

BY: Nathan Spackman

With Climate Emergency declarations being declared by the Welsh Government and Vale of Glamorgan Council, the Docks Incinerator Action Group has partnered with four other "Pro Clean Air" groups for a joint protest on the steps of the Senedd.

Taking place this Saturday (23rd November) from 11am, all four Welsh groups have had incinerators proposed or built in areas which they feel are 'precariously close' to their homes for one big anti-incineration protest.

The Docks Incinerator Action Group along with Residents against the CF3 Incinerator, Cardiff CF1, Swansea Llansamlet, Usk Valley campaign groups will call upon the Welsh Government and its ministers for a moratorium on incinerationon in Wales and review of incinerators that the groups says are located dangerously close to residential communities, where they believe they will have a detrimental impact on the Well-being of residents.

Jane Hutt AM, Neil McEvoy AM, Anything Slaughter AM, Carolyn Harris MP, Stephen Doughty MP, Carolyn, Ruth Jones MP and Anna McMorrin MP. Q. have all confirmed their their support of constituents & confirm their attendance to speak at the event.

The Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) wholeheartedly disputed the solution that Hannah Blythyn AM and the Welsh Government are currently proposing to resolve the debacle over the Barry incinerator development.

A representative of DIAG told Bro Radio: "Let's not forget that the Welsh assembly has announced that we are in a “Climate emergency. As we understand the Barry incinerator will emit an estimated 130,000 Tons³ of C0² every year! That's approx. 3,250,000 tonnes over its life time! To try to put that in to perspective - that's the equivalent of 26,000 more cars worth of pollution per year for Barry and Vale residents to breathe, for the next 25 years!"

Minister Ken Skates said "It is vital we continue to reduce emissions in order to save people from the risk of developing potentially serious health conditions," following the publication of a Welsh Government report".

"DIAG's response is, we are unclear and extremely disappointed with Ken Skate's statement and how it can possibly be considered as genuinely taking into account the Well-being of the people of Barry and the Vale, not forgetting the people of Wales. We continue to campaign against the breaches of environmental legislation which have been continually highlighted to the Ministers of the Welsh Govt. in particular Hannah Blythyn and indeed FM Mark Drakeford himself, from whom we remain absence of a sincere response".

Members of the local community are invited to join DIAG on the steps of the Senedd on Saturday 23rd November from 11am.

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