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International Tortoise Association Appeal For Food Donations For Tortoises Who Don't Hibernate


The Sully-based, International Tortoise Association have appealed for donations of food for the tortoises in their care who do not hibernate for the winter.

In a post on their social media, the registered charity informed their followers that they currently have 16 huge tortoise in their care who do not hibernate, as well as some tropical tortoise who were not well enough or heavy enough to hibernate this year. The group also look after a number of hatchlings who need food all year round.

The group asked that those who wish to donate leave food in a box they have on their driveway, specifying that donations should not include pumpkins, potatoes, onions or fruit and veg peelings.

The sanctuary is run by Ann Ovenstone (MBE ) along with her team of dedicated helpers. Members work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of tortoises, including caring for the sick and injured, rehoming, events, breeding and hibernation programmes. 


You can follow the group on their Facebook page here

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