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ITV Coast & Country follows 4-year olds discovery of Dinosaur footprint on Bendricks Beach


Tonight’s episode of Coast and Country on ITV Wales will follow the story of Lily Wilder, a 4 year old girl who made the discovery of a Dinosaur footprint on Bendricks Beach.

In January, Bro Radio shared the news that a Dinosaur footprint found on Bendricks Beach, with the discovery made by Lily and her family believed to be 220 million years old.

At the time National Museum Wales palaeontology curator Cindy Howells described it as “the best specimen ever found on this beach”.

Special permission had to be sought from Natural Resources Wales to legally remove the footprint, with the fossil extracted this week and taken to National Museum Cardiff where it will be preserved.

In a post on social media, ITV Coast & Country invited those to tune in to Tuesday’s episode “to hear the incredible story of how a 4-year-old’s find might shape the future of fossils.”

“We also speak to those looking to protect the area from people illegally removing fossils on the cost.”


Coast & Country airs on ITV Wales at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th March.


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