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Jury discharged in Jordan Davies murder trial


The jury in a trial of a man accused of murdering Jordan Davies on Holton Road in Barry in December 2019 has been discharged.

Jordan Davies, 23 was stabbed to death on Holton Road in Barry on 16th December 2019.

Jordan Brown, 25 of Holton Road, Barry, denies murder and had been on trial but the jury hearing the case was discharged on Wednesday after two jurors fell ill.

Judge Rhys Rowlands told the 10 remaining jurors at Cardiff Crown Court: “We are two short still among the jury. Their absence is nothing to with Covid or the pandemic but they have medical issues and there’s no prospect of them coming back this week.


“I am going to have to discharge you as a jury in this particular trial and I will start the trial again with a new jury hopefully next week.”

Brown denies murder and his trial will be re-listed.

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