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30th October 2019

Left-over pumpkin carvings can make a tasty treat for animals

BY: Nathan Spackman

Halloween merrymakers have been urged to not bin their leftover pumpkin carvings, despite calls from the Vale of Glamorgan Council to not leave them at Country Parks.

RSPCA Cymru has suggested that leftover pumpkin carvings could be used to feed them to wildlife instead.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has warned residents not to leave pumpkins at Country Park once they have finished using them, with anyone caught doing so at risk of a Fixed Penalty Notice or more serious penalty.

Many animals can eat pumpkin – and the animal welfare charity is encouraging anyone who carved a pumpkin not to throw the remnants away; but to provide a tasty treat instead for their fellow living creatures.

An RSPCA Cymru spokesperson said: "Once Halloween is over, we'd urge people who have been celebrating to not waste their carved pumpkins by simply chucking them in the bin.

"Lots of animals - including wildlife - love to eat pumpkin; so we’re urging people not to waste them but to feed them to the wildlife in their gardens or perhaps even to their pets.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: “Despite the advice of the RSPCA, we would ask people not to leave pumpkins at our Country Parks once they have finished using them. They can attract rats and last year staff had to spend a significant amount of time removing them from these spaces.

“Disposing of pumpkins in this way is an offence and can be punished in just the same way as any other form of littering. That may involve the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice or more serious penalty.”

More information on the RSPCA’s work to protect wildlife is available online.

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