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Listen Again: Barry Island Discs with Sam & Shauna

  Entrepreneurs and TV personalities Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn.

Barry Island Discs June addition stars entrepreneurs and TV personalities Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn from Hangfire Southern Kitchen based in the pumphouse in Barry.

Hosted by Samantha Campbell, the show focuses on their personal lifes as well business and the future.

The last 8 years has been a whirlwind for Sam and Shauna, from being the first Welsh female lead winners of the Observer Food Monthly award in 2018, to the release of the 3rd series of their BBC TV show, Sam and Shaunas Big Cookout. Their 20 year relationship has been filled with twists and turns, roadtrips and big decisions which has lead to where they are today.

Starting with Sam, they discuss her childhood and growing up in the Welsh Valleys, before moving on the discuss Shaunas experience of growing up in Northern Ireland and the music influences during these times.

Sam and Shauna move onto discuss the beginning of their relationship in Cardiff, and the start of their ‘Wanderlust’ with travelling through Asia and South America. Upon returning to the UK, they both pursued careers outside the culinary world, before quitting their jobs for the second time and travelling around America on the now famous road trip. The musical choices are very much inspired by this road trip and experiences along the way.

Sam moves on the discuss the beginning days of the Hangfire brand, starting with the pop ups, then moving onto countless awards and the building of the Hangfire Southern Kitchen in the pumphouse in Barry. Using music from a local Barry based Band, Zervas and Pepper, they discuss the beginning of the TV show ‘Sam and Shaunas Big Cookout' and their favourite moments from the show.

The show ends with Shauna discussing the future and how far they have come in 8 years from starting the Hangfire brand.

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Barry Island Discs airs each month on Bro Radio
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