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Litter Pick And A Pint: Fathers Community Group Tidy Whitmore Beach


METALIDADS, a community group of dads that love Heavy Metal Music, have completed their inaugural "Litter Pick and a Pint" event, discussing music tastes, kids and more while tidying Whitmore Bay beach, yesterday.

The group holds regular talks and events, encouraging members to chat and be open about mental health and self-care, while also making new friends. METALIDADS also has a community focus, aiming to pull local dads together to make the community stronger.

Last night, the group held their first "Litter Pick and a Pint" event, scouring Barry Island's Whitmore Bay beach and promenade for litter, filling three black bags over a couple of hours, while also chatting about subjects such as future gigs, pregnancy, kids and more before retiring to local bar, Enzo's.


METALIDADS will be holding another cleaning event in August and are encouraging any dads that want to get involved to join their group on Facebook, which you can find here.

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