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Llantwit Major RFC Looking To Create Steering Group For Ambitious Clubhouse Project


Llantwit Major RFC is looking to create a steering group to help them realise their plans for an ambitious, new and modern clubhouse to support the local community and generate much-needed revenue for the club.

The plans for the new build, located on the site of the existing rugby club and first proposed five years ago, have laid dormant for some time, but in a statement on their website, Llantwit Major RFC said that they now feel the club is in a position “to start fulfilling the enormous potential of the local community.”

In their statement, Llantwit Major RFC explained the motivation behind the project, saying:

“There is no doubt that what we have at Llantwit Major RFC is enormous potential. Potential to build a modern facility, that can be used for innovative community engagement whilst helping to generate finances that improve the welfare of our members and so much more. One thing that is apparent from speaking to people locally is that within our community have people with a whole range of skills that could be utilised to help drive this venture forward.”

Additionally, the club shared their vision for the finished building:

“Our vision for the club moving forward is to create an exciting facility that houses multiple societies and provides financial sustainability to its users as well as providing a venue to be embraced by the community. Let’s not beat around the bush, our plans are ambitious and because of that we need dedicated people with a love of the club and the community of Llantwit Major.”

The rugby club, which played its first recorded game against a team from Cowbridge in 1889 and is a member of the Welsh Rugby Union, acting as a feeder club for Cardiff Blues, is looking to fill a number of roles in this new steering group to get this project off the ground. The club is looking for people to fill the following roles:

  • Project Management
  • Bid /Grant Writers
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Investors / Business Leaders
  • Building Professionals
  • Fundraising
  • Educators
  • Community Leaders/Workers
  • Legal and Planning Professionals
  • General Community Networkers who want to get involved

To find out more and state your interest, email Andrew Halligan at or phone 07966 648905. You can find out more about the project on the club’s site, here.

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