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Lloyds Bank in Cowbridge set to close


Lloyds Banking Group has announced plans to shut 56 of its local branches, including in Cowbridge.

The company has said 31 Lloyds, 10 Halifax and 15 Bank of Scotland Branches will close across the UK as fewer customers choose to bank in stores.

It says that bank branches, including Lloyds in Cowbridge will close between April and October 2020.

The move is expected to mean staff numbers will be cut by "under 80" across the group, as many employees are to be redeployed to other branches.


The Cowbridge branch is set to alongside other branches in Wales including Mumbles and Colwyn Bay.

A Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson said "We are committed to having the largest branch network in the UK and, in addition to our branches, all of our customers can also use the Post Office to access their banking locally, alongside our mobile branches which visit many rural communities."

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