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Local musicians raise money to help support Beirut explosions in virtual festival


A virtual music festival celebrating local musicians and raising money for charity is happening this weekend.

"Not The Main Stage" celebrates local and independent artists from across Wales, as well as other parts of the world, while also raising money for victims and organisations effected by the Beirut explosions.

The event will be broadcast on YouTube and will feature artists from Wales, including Cardiff based bands, such as POV & COLUMBIA, as well as artists from other parts of the world, including other parts of the UK.

Organiser of the festival, Honey told Bro Radio:


"I'm so pleased with the response we've got so far, especially since things have felt pretty dire for musicians and performers this year! I've seen so many performers and artists step up and say "okay, what can we do to keep people entertained/optimistic right now, how can we keep our industry alive" and I think Not The Main Stage was born out of that same mix of potential and frustration. In some ways the limitations we're facing right now are forcing new ways to be creative, though I hope if nothing else the "people in charge" will wake up to how important the arts are, especially in times of crisis like this.To me, growing up Welsh means live music and performance absolutely saturates the culture, from Eisteddfodau in school to the Newport rock scene and major festivals like Green Man and Festival No 6 in Portmeirion. While this literally is "not the main stage", I think the musical talent I've gathered together is worthy of any main stage, and I'm really excited to see the lineup perform myself!
On top of that, I wanted to raise money for Beirut after seeing the footage from the explosion earlier this month, especially since the people of Lebanon have been facing a particularly harsh few months of financial crisis and COVID-19 hitting them hard. The festival seemed like the ideal way to do that and I encourage everyone to donate whatever they can spare (especially since this will be free to watch) even if it's just the price of the pint you would've bought at a festival bar this summer... or even a half pint!"

The event will be streamed on YouTube here and will also be available to watch afterwards.

"Not The Main Stage" takes place this weekend on the 29th and 30th of August from 4pm both days.

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