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Lockdown-Inspired Online Talent Show Goes From Strength To Strength


A Barry based Facebook group inspired by the lockdown has been putting on regular online talent shows for its around 300 members from all over the globe.

"sHut In's got Talent" was the brainchild of Justin Phillips and set up alongside Amanda Pritchard as a way of having a bit of fun during the long lockdown evenings. Though it was originally for a small group of friends the group quickly escalated into a platform for almost 300 people from all around the world to entertain and enjoy a sense of normality during the lockdown period.

Benji Jenkins-Hughes, who now hosts the regular shows as his alter ego, Camille Towe told Bro Radio:

"We put these nights on every 2-3 weeks to give the performers time to prepare their act.

"We have opened the performances to anyone who would like to perform with a whole range of talents. Ages from 5+ we are family-friendly and very supportive we don't criticise and cheer on everyone, as it takes great nerve and confidence to do what they do.

"It has been a great comfort to many people and truly honoured to be a part of it. I just want to thank Justin and Amanda for setting it up."

The group have a Halloween themed evening coming up on August 8th. You can find their Facebook page here.

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