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Lower Penarth Community Centre at Risk of Permanent Closure


The Lower Penarth Community Association is in danger of having to dissolve and this would result in permanent closure of the local community centre.

As announced at the Annual General Meeting last year, several current officers of the association will not be standing for re-election, which could leave a significant shortage of committee members to continue running the association.

The association is now asking for volunteers to come forward to help assist in its running.

Volunteers are asked to spare at least an hour a week to help out, with no special skills required to help but, if you can chair a meeting, manage hall bookings, administer a Facebook account, do some bookkeeping or financial accounting then you could be especially valuable to the team.


The group says that without several new committee members in place the Centre will have to close, which would be a great loss to all those groups who have been using it for so many years and continue to use it for all their varied activities, albeit with a COVID pause in some cases.   

The association is currently expecting to hold an AGM this calendar year and without new volunteers for the committee, a decision will have to be made to wind up the association and close the hall.

If you think you may be able to help, please contact by Monday 19th October 2020 for more information.

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