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Mains water leak leave 4500 customers in Penarth area without water


Welsh Water have confirmed that a major mains water supply leak at Elizabeth Court in Cogan this morning, has lead to around 4,500 customers in the Penarth area being without water.

In the latest update at 9:50am, Welsh Water confirmed that engineers on site, who are considering a supply diversion to restore limited supply later this morning.

The area affected include Cogan, Penarth Town Centre, Plymouth Road, Beach Road, Esplanade, Marine Parade and Penarth Head.

Until the pipe is fixed, residents may experience low pressure or no water with service expected to be restored later this morning.

At 10.27am, the company posted the following update: “We now have tankers in the area pumping water back into the network, to help keep as many customers on supply as possible while the repair work is carried out.

“Thank you for your ongoing patience with us. We apologise for any inconvenience caused”.

In the case of Emergency, customers are being told to purchase bottled water and submit receipt to Welsh Water.

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