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Mark Drakeford re-appointed as First Minster


Mark Drakeford has been re-appointed as the First Minister during the first session of the new term of the Senedd.

As he is the only nomination, the re-elected Llywydd Elin Jones will recommend to Her Majesty that he be appointed as First Minister.

The first minister says Labour will govern by seeking consensus, taking account of new ideas from other parties.

In a speech following his re-appointment Mark Drakeford said “We will govern in a way that seeks consensus and will take account of new and bold ideas, wherever those ideas come from.”

“Ideas that can lead to a better future for the people of Wales – from clean air, a basic income and ensuring young people are not priced out of Welsh speaking communities.”

“This will be a government that work will collaboratively where their is common ground among us.”

Elin Jones has been re-elected as Llywydd, a role she has held since 2016, after defeating Conservatives Russell George by 35 votes to 25.

David Rees is elected deputy presiding officer, defeating fellow Labour MS Hefin David by 35 votes to 24.

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