Written by Nathan Spackman


Meet the Senedd Candidates

29th April 2021

With a week to go until the Senedd elections on Thursday 6th May, Bro Radio is bringing our listeners closer to the candidates standing in the Vale of Glamorgan constituency.

The candidates and parties standing in the Vale of Glamorgan constituency are as follows:

  • Alan Terrence Coulthard – Independent
  • Anthony Slaughter – Green Party
  • Jane Hutt – Labour
  • Janet Deborah Brocklehurst – Propel
  • Karl James Langford – Gwlad
  • Matt Smith – Conservatives
  • Michael Hancock – Reform UK Wales
  • Neill Vasudeo Shah – Freedom Alliance
  • Richard Grigg – Plaid Cymru
  • Sally Stephenson – Liberal Democrats
  • Stuart Field – Abolish the Assembly Party

You can find statements from all of the candidates standing via: Vale of Glamorgan Senedd Candidates

On Tuesday (27th) and Wednesday (28th), Bro Radio's Dan Moffat and Matthew Harris spent time speaking to the six main candidates standing in the Vale of Glamorgan Constituency. During each interview, key questions about the pandemic, economy, recovery and key local issues were put to candidates.

Following polling day, Bro Radio's local news team will bring you updates live from the count at the Memo Arts Centre in Barry, interviews with the elected Senedd member for the constituency and the wider picture across Wales.

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