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Memo Arts Centre Releases Statement Regarding Potential Return For Indoor Entertainment


The Memo Arts Centre, Barry, has released a statement on social media regarding the recent news from the Welsh Government about the possibility of a return for indoor entertainment on May 17th, saying they are “pleased” but underlining that there is still “a long way to go”.

On April 22nd, the Welsh Government announced an acceleration of some of their plans to ease the country out of coronavirus restrictions, bringing forward multiple relaxations from a scheduled May 17th to May 3rd.

The changes to Coronavirus restrictions that will come into place on May 3rd, including those initially scheduled for May 17th are:

  • Gyms, leisure centres and fitness facilities being able to reopen;
  • People will also again be able to form extended households with one other household.
  • The resumption of indoor supervised activities for children;
  • Indoor organised activities for up to 15 adults (such as exercise classes and swimming lessons);
  • The re-opening of community centres

During the announcement, the First Minister of Wales expressed his confidence that many facets of society, including indoor entertainment, should be able to return on May 17th, stating:

“It is my assessment that the hospitality sector – bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes – will be able to open indoors from May 17, together with all other tourist accommodation, indoor entertainment and attractions.”

Following this announcement from the Welsh Government, and the introduction of a possible date of return for indoor entertainment, The Memo Arts Centre released a statement, stating that although they are pleased they now have a potential return date set, the venue is aware of the length of the road ahead, saying in their statement:

“We are pleased today to see a date live performance in our venue might return. There is still a long way to go and it will take time to understand what the decisions mean for us. We believe that there will still be social distancing, limited capacities, and other safety measures but it is a glimmer of hope and a step towards welcoming you, our audiences, artists and visitors back into the Memo.”

The Memo has been able to continue to offer entertainment to the Vale of Glamorgan, hosting a number of at-home events and cinema showings. You can find out more about the Memo Arts Centre on their website, here.

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