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Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery unveils plaques to honour former residents of Barry


Members of Barry Town Council and a small contingency held a small socially distanced event on Wednesday to mark the unveiling of four plaques within Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, Barry.

Within Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery each person has a story.  Barry Town Council want to share with the residents of Barry just how many of the people buried in the cemetery effected and contributed to the history of Barry  and in some case even internationally.

It is hoped that the four plaques which were unveiled will be the first of many. The plan is that those with stories will have them shared around the cemetery, close to their graves but on the plaques situated next to paths so that interested visitors will be able to read about their lives.

The plaques unveiled included;

  • Beatrice Lewis (1877 – 1929) – The first Woman elected to Barry Council
  • Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (13 August 1905 – 12 August 1935) – The Welsh journalist who in March 1933 first reported in the Western world, without equivocation and under his own name, the existence of the Soviet famine of 1932–33, including the Holodomor.
  • Elizabeth Phillips Hughes (12 July 1851 – 19 December 1925) - Welsh scholar, teacher, and promoter of women's education.
  • Margaret Lindsay Williams (1888 – 1960) - Welsh artist who was commissioned to paint portraits of the British royal family, European royalty and American presidents.
One of the plaques unveiled at Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery

The attached photograph shows the attendees in order from Left to Right, missing from the photograph is Jane Hutt MS, who had to leave before this photograph was taken.

Cllr. Nic Hodges, Amanda Evans (BTC Cemeteries & Facilities Manager), Cllr. Margaret Wilkinson; Cllr. Ian Johnson, Barry Town Mayor, Cllr. Steffan Wiliam, Joel James MS; Vale of Glamorgan Council Mayor Jayne Norman; Peter Dewey High Sheriff of South Glamorgan; Cllr. Pamela Drake, Cllr Julie Aviet; Morfudd Meredith HM Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan.

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