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Multiple Rescues In Busy Day For Barry Coastguard


Barry Coastguard had a busy day yesterday, responding to multiple incidents on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far.

The service took to their social media accounts to notify locals of their activity and remind them to be careful when visiting the coast.

The first call of the day was from Whitmore Bay at around 4pm, where swimmers were in distress after attempting to reach a distant buoy. The individuals were quickly found by the RNLI and brought back to shore where they were assessed for any sign of injury and given safety advice by the Coastguard Rescue Officers on hand.

Soon after, the team were called to a report of a missing child near the water, once again at Whitmore Bay. The CROs assisted lifeguards in locating the child, who was luckily found quickly and unharmed.

The team were then informed by Vale of Glamorgan police that there had been a rockfall at Jackson's Bay. The dedicated rescue officers split up to investigate and found significant signs of new rockfalls at the scene. Coastguard Rescue Officers informed members of the public on the busy beach to stay well clear of the area to avoid any chance of serious injury.

In their post on social media, Barry Coastguard asked people to remain mindful of the dangers of the coastline as the weather heats up. They said:

"We ask all beach users to be mindful of the sea conditions and stay within their depth and not to put unnecessary risk to rescue personnel!

"Also try and keep clear and don’t sunbathe below dangerous cliffs.
If you see someone in trouble on the sea, beach or cliffs, dial 999 think Coastguard."

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