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Name A South Wales Snow Gritter – Can You Beat Dai Icer?


The South Wales public are being given the chance to name the full, 30-strong fleet of snow gritters in the area.

The new names will join last year’s crop of 10, publicly-named gritters, such as “Dai Icer” and “Oh, Salt’s Occurring”. Traffic Wales initially launched the competition in 2020, picking 10 winners from over 300 entries.

Now, in September 2021, Traffic Wales will be looking for more ideas, saying in a post online:

“People can send in their Welsh-themed names by using #NameOurGrittersSW or by emailing. Please get involved and help give Oh Salt’s Occurring, Snowain Glyndwr and the rest of our fleet some more company.”


The full list of gritters already named via the previous competition is as follows:

  • Oh Salt’s Occurring
  • Snowain Glyndwr
  • Pretty Gritty City
  • Fan Halen
  • Aneurin Bevan
  • Pont Y Ploughie
  • Y Ddraig Oren
  • Dai Icer
  • Eira Gwyn
  • Cymro

Traffic Wales will pick their favourite names from October onwards and have said that they are looking forward to receiving “more excellent ideas” this year.

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