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11th September 2019

New Cemetery Approach Community Hall Fire

BY: Demie Haywood

Videos and pictures appeared on social media overnight as a fire has broke at a new Community Building on Cemetery Approach in Barry.

Construction on the new building began back in July and was the latest stage of redevelopment work jointly funded by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Barry Town Council.

The fire was mid blaze at approximately 00.30 am on Wednesday 11th September. The exact time and cause of the fire is yet unknown.

The remains of the building on Wednesday morning following the fire.

South Wales Police says it is investigating the first at the building, with emergency services were called at around 11pm.

Two 14-year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of arson and are in police custody.

PC Gareth Owens, officer in the case, said: “This was a serious incident which has caused significant damage at the construction site.

“While we have people in custody, enquiries are still very much ongoing and I would appeal to anyone who believes they have information which could assist the investigation, to come forward.

“In particular, I would like to hear from a member of the public who stopped their vehicle to tell an officer they had seen two males tampering with a fire hydrant.”

Residents took to the streets as emergency services arrived at the scene to tackle the colossal flames by cemetery lane.

Barry Town Council, one of the partners behind the new building said in a statement on its social media that it is devastated.

In a statement last night, Dyfan Ward Councillors Vince Bailey and Leighton Rowlands said "We are both sadden tonight that someone has decided to set on fire the newly built community hall on cemetery approach this evening. Rest assure we will be contacting the police and the fire service in the morning to enquire about their investigation. People who do this should be brought to justice and it should not be tolerated in our society."

A local resident who lives on Barry Road told Bro Radio" I was putting recycling out around 11:20pm when I saw the Police and flashing lights. They had closed Cemetery Approach off."

"To find out the new building was on fire, its so sad. Why do people feel the need to do it?"

Anyone with any information can call 101 quoting reference 1900334909 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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