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27th September 2019

New offender management unit launched in Bridgend

BY: Bro Radio News

A new offender management unit has been launched in Bridgend. The integrated service became operational last week and includes police officers working alongside probation officers under one roof in Bridgend.

Officers from the offender management teams have moved from Cowbridge Police Station and Bridgend Police Station to the probation service building. The police officers at the unit will continue to serve Bridgend County Borough and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Sparrow said: “The relocation of officers to the probation service building is a very significant development. The co-location of staff ensures that agencies work together as a team to share information, effectively manage risk, and make timely decisions to keep the communities of South Wales safe.”

Ian Barrow, Director of National Probation Service in Wales, said: “I am delighted that we have launched this initiative with South Wales Police. HMPPS in Wales works closely with our partners in the criminal justice system and this further demonstrates how our organisations work cooperatively and effectively. I welcome all officers to our premises and know that our professional and dedicated staff will continue to work closely with our colleagues in South Wales Police.”

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