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Newly Elected Llantwit Mayor Opens The Great Get Together


Recently elected Llantwit Major Mayor, Cllr Gerwyn Thomas appeared in video on the Llantwit's Great Get Together page, welcoming residents to the virtual community event.

Let the #PowerOfCommunity begin... Mayor of Llantwit Major Councillor Gerwyn Thomas kindly opens Great Get Together Llantwit as we head into three days of connecting in whatever way we can. You can join in tomorrow at 3pm with Love Llantwit Quiz, 6pm with Friday Night Bingo and 8pm with More In Common Open Mic Night, come and add your Local Heroes Thank Saturday lunchtime and most importantly chat with neighbours at Sunday Social at 3pm.Have fun. Be kind. Get to know your neighbours. And raise a glass to our inspiration Jo Cox and all her family.

Posted by Greatgettogetherllantwit on Thursday, 18 June 2020

The Great Get Together is a national campaign in honour of murdered MP, Jo Cox, which aims to bring people together to show how we have more in common.

Llantwit Major's event is taking place over the next few days, with online events including a quiz, bingo, a virtual open mic and a street disco.

In his speech opening the event, the Mayor spoke of his pride at the way the town has come together in the Coronavirus crisis acknowledged events such as this would not be possible without groups and volunteers getting involved and pulling the community together.

You can find out more about Llantwit's Great Get Together event on their Facebook page here.

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