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Nightclub assault treated as hate crime


Police are investigating an alleged hate crime following an assault outside a Cardiff nightclub.

A 32 year-old woman was attacked near the Pulse bar on Churchill Way at around 3.30am on Sunday morning (29th August)

Detectives are looking for a short, white woman with reddish hair. She's described as under 40 years old and of slim build, with a tattoo near the left eye.

The suspect was wearing a white romper with blue and black stripes.

A South Wales Police spokesperson said: ''A hate crime is any crime motivated by hostility on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity.

''We encourage people, whether they are a victim or a witness of hate crime, to report it directly to South Wales Police without fear.''

Anyone with information about the assault should call 101, quoting reference no. 304230.

Alternatively, visit the South Wales Police website, DM via Facebook or Twitter or email

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