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No Covid Mass Vaccination Centre For The Vale In The Coming Weeks


Not one of the thirty five mass vaccination centres to open in the next few weeks will be located in the Vale of Glamorgan, according to the Welsh Government's new plan to tackle the Coronavirus.

The new plan, which came to light on Monday, will see a total of thirty five mass vaccination centres become operational across Wales in the coming weeks, as the Welsh Government look to make good on their plan to offer all eligible adults in the country a vaccine by the autumn of this year.

A vaccination centre for the Vale was initially mooted for Holm View Leisure Centre, but this has since been removed from plans, meaning that it is likely GP practices in the county will be the only places administering the vaccine, as things stand.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething, yesterday announced Wales' new Coronavirus plan, which includes the ambitious aim of having offered all eligible adults the vaccine by the autumn. This comes as figures show 86,000 people have already received the jab.

Andrew RT Davies MS - Shadow Heath Minister, Matt Smith Welsh Conservative senedd Candidate for Vale of Glamorgan and Cllr Leighton Rowlands welsh conservative Senedd candidate for Cardiff south and penarth said “The vaccine rollout is a sprint and we need to get as many people vaccinated as possible as quickly as possible.”

“A mass vaccination centre in the Vale is essential to achieve this, and it’s unbelievable that we’re now told the Welsh Labour Government are not providing one. This needs to change and fast.”

Speaking of autumn aim for vaccination, Mr Gething said:


"This will of course depend on Wales receiving regular supplies of the vaccines to match our ambitions and ability to deliver.

"We have more than 250,0000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine which we expect to use by mid-February with more coming at the end of this month. The Pfizer vaccine is mainly being given in mass vaccination centres to frontline health care staff.

"We are also vaccinating care home residents and staff and people over the age of 80 until the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine becomes more available in much large volumes.

"When we started vaccinating in December, we had just seven centres, one in each of our health boards. Today we have 22 and that will increase to 35 in the next couple of weeks."

Within his announcement, the Health Minister also set out the "Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy" which details three key milestones for vaccinations:

  • By mid-February all care home residents and staff; frontline health and social care staff; everyone over 70 and everyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable will have been offered the vaccination.
  • By spring; vaccinations will have been offered to all of the other phase one priority groups, which is everyone over 50 and everyone who is at risk because they have an underlying health condition.
  • By autumn vaccinations will have been offered to all other eligible adults in Wales.

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