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No Increase In Council Tax From Llantwit Major Town Council

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Llantwit Major Town Council have announced that they will be not be increasing Council Tax for the coming year, saying in a statement on social media that they are “likely to be the only Town Council in the Vale Council area not asking its residents to pay more next year.”

In their post on social media confirming the news, Llantwit Major Town Council said:

“Llantwit Major Town Council has announced there will be NO INCREASE in its Council Tax for the coming year.

“Councillor David Foster, Chair of the Finance Committee, says that, financially this has been a very challenging year and successive lockdowns has meant the Council has lost £40,000 in valuable rental income from Llantonian Hall, The Town Hall etc. as well as spending unexpected sums on PPE at our various sites.

“Despite this, the Council has sought to look for savings throughout the year and as a result has decided not to increase the amount of Council Tax payable to it from April. This is not to say the bills arriving in the next few days will not be more, as the Vale Council and the Police have increased their requirements and these form the majority of the bill you will receive.”


The Town Council’s statement continued:

“The Town Council is pleased to be able to make some contribution towards the Council Tax and is likely to be the only Town Council in the Vale Council area not asking its residents to pay more next year. Not increasing our Council Tax confirms the Council’s commitment to look after the people of Llantwit Major and provide quality services at affordable costs.”

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