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NRW to hold drop in session regarding changes to Barry waste wood facility


National Resources Wales (NRW) are to hold a drop in session for residents to discuss a recent application for a Barry waste wood facility to change its environmental permit and increase the amount and type of waste it can treat and store.

In December, NRW announced that JM Envirofuels (Barry) Ltd had applied to to change its environmental permit, which if approved would see it increase the amount and type of waste it can treat and store.

JM Envirofuels (Barry) Ltd, on Wimborne Road, Barry Dock, currently has a permit which allows it to treat and store waste wood, which is then sold on to be used as fuel in energy from waste facilities.

The company now proposes to accept other types of non-hazardous household, commercial and industrial waste - including metal, glass and plasterboard - before being transferred elsewhere.

The application also proposed to accept and store ash produced by energy from waste facilities, such as the Barry Biomass facility.

National Resources Wales launched a six-week consultation on Monday 16th December with local people, business and professional bodies.

Part of the consultation includes an information events on Thursday 9th January between 1:30pm and 7:30pm at Castleland Community Centre on Belvedere Crescent in Barry.

Residents are being invited to attend anytime during the session, to ask questions and share their views directly with NRW staff.

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