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On Your E-Bike: £1 million pilot scheme launches

  Welsh Government

A pilot scheme to encourage more use of e-bikes has been rolled out in Barry.

It's one of five locations across Wales taking part in a £1 million project aimed at making cycling more accessible for all.

The Welsh Government-funded scheme offers battery assisted electric bikes for free - on long-term loan - for local residents who don't cycle regularly, or find the cost of buying one stops them from using one.

The pilot's also been rolled out in Rhyl, Swansea and Newtown, with links to Aberystwyth.

Welsh Government

Lee Waters, deputy climate change minister, visited the loan facilities in Rhyl to launch the scheme.

He said: ''We want walking and cycling to become the normal choice for shorter journeys because active travel is not only better for our environment, but also for our health and economy.''

Mr Waters, who has responsibility for transport, added: ''We know that this will involve a huge cultural change and that’s why we’re investing in schemes like the electric bike pilot to help people who have never cycled before to make a change to the way they travel in an affordable and sustainable way.''

The loan scheme is being run by the cycling charity Sustrans. It will help the Welsh Government gather data towards making long-term recommendations for the long term use of electric bikes and active travel.

Twenty bikes will be stocked in each location as part of the two-year scheme.

The funding is also being shared by Pedal Power, a Cardiff-based charity aimed at encouraging inclusive cycling.

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