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One Man Plays Hero Role In Sully Sea Rescue Mission


A commendable individual put his own safety in jeopardy on the shores of Sully Beach yesterday, coming to the aid of another who had waded out too far into the water.

The event was witnessed by local resident, Craig James, who was out walking his dog in Glebe Fields when the incident occurred.

Craig saw staff run towards the beach from Beechwood College, a college offering further education to young adults with autistic spectrum conditions.

When he arrived on the scene, Craig saw a handful of staff restraining an individual on the ground. Craig told Bro Radio:

"I thought it was all under control so I walked on a bit further. I looked back after a couple of minutes and noticed the person had broken free and was wading into the sea, 4 or 5 staff following him into the water.

"After about 30 metres some of the staff started to wade back to the shore. Only one member of staff stayed with the boy."

At this point, Craig was worried for the safety of the two individuals in the sea and called 999 for the Coastguard. He explained:


"After about 10 minutes, I noticed that the two people were a long way out, I then decided to call 999 and ask for the coastguard. I knew that even in the summer the water is very cold. "

Thankfully the Coastguard were quick to respond, sending multiple boats out to rescue the boys and bring them back to the slipway where an ambulance was waiting.

Craig told Bro of his admiration for the member of staff who stuck with the boy, despite the danger and freezing conditions.

"I still dont know how the boy is that swam out so far, the staff member who stayed with the boy went back home to his parents for tea like as if nothing had happened! When most of us would have given up and swam back, Joseph Adams carried on to stay with the lad and put his own safety in jeopardy but continued on to save the boy."

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