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Paul Gentile Jewellers to close due to economic affect of Covid-19


Paul Gentile the Jewellers, a family businesses founded in 1978 is set to close due to the economic situation caused by Covid-19.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Paul Gentile the Jewellers confirmed it would be closing its business on the 18th July 2020.

The company was founded by Paul Gentile and his wife Maria in 1978, who opened their first jewellers on Holton Road, Barry on the 3rd July that year, before opening their second store on King Square eleven years later.

They were later joined by their eldest son Mike, who took care of the day to day running of the company along with his wife Abigail.

The Gentile Family. Credit: Paul Gentile Jewellers

In a statement on their social media the family business said "This is not the time for our thanks or goodbyes yet. This is to let you know what's happening before we close."

The business confirmed they will re-open the shop on Monday 22nd June, following the Governments updated guidelines, before closing the business permanently on the 18th July 2020.

In a statement the business confirmed:

  • All orders will be completed.
  • All repairs will be completed and returned.
  • The workshop is open until we close so any job on estimate can be completed or returned undone.
  • All deposits need to be paid in full and collected before we close.

In addition, as the company cannot complete any suit hire orders, they will refund those orders only on the week commencing 13th July.

In a statement, Michael Gentile said "This will be a busy few weeks so please phone us on 01446 746871 or call in for queries. We will not be able to response to queries via social media."

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