Written by Ben Dain-Smith

Penarth RNLI Confirm Esplanade Roadworks Won't Affect Their Service

10th October 2021

The Penarth RNLI Lifeboat Station has confirmed that their vital, life-saving service will not be affected by the temporary road closure at Penarth Esplanade due to road resurfacing work, though they have had to make a couple of changes to other aspects of their schedule.

The road resurfacing will start from Monday, affecting areas of the highway between Bridgeman Road and Marine Parade, with those roads set to be closed during the day.

The works are taking place alongside a £200k upgrade project at the Penarth Esplanade, with a revamp beginning for the pavilion and the surrounding areas over the coming weeks, including the railings, benches, bollards, lighting columns, decking, the Pier Head Hut, and toilets.

In a post on social media, RNLI Penarth Lifeboat Station allayed any fears that their vital service would be affected by the roadworks, which will be taking place between the 11th and 22nd of October, saying:

"Our lifeboat crew will still have 24/7 access to the station, and the works won't impact our lifesaving provision."

Though their life-saving provision will not be impacted by the closure, other aspects of their schedule will be, and the station has had to make some alterations for the coming weeks, saying in their post online:

"Penarth Esplanade will be closed to traffic next week due to road resurfacing works, meaning a couple of changes to our schedule:

  • Our shop is going to be closed Monday to Friday next week.
  • Our coffee morning planned for Wednesday will be now be held on Friday 29 October."

Speaking of the upgrade work at Penarth Esplanade, Councillor Kathryn McCaffer, the cabinet member for leisure, said:

'We know how important Penarth Esplanade is to residents and visitors alike. It is an iconic location that has proved popular for more than 100 years and one that we believe has a very bright future.''

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