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Penarth Town Council announces Wales’ first Window Wanderland


Penarth Town Council has announced Wales’ first Window Wanderland as a Covid-safe way to spread the Christmas cheer throughout the town. 

The event invites residents to put on their winter coats and wander around your local area after dark to see the wonderful windows that your neighbours have created.

Everyone is invited to make a display which can be big or small, from a simple candle to a live puppet show- as long as its family friendly, anything goes!

Participating addresses will be included on an interactive map to form a trail which will be lit up from 6-9pm on the 12th & 13th of December.

If you’d like to take part, then its free for anyone to do so. You can add your display to the map via: and keep an eye on the Penarth Town Council event page for inspiration and how-to tutorials for making your own winter window display!

Once the trial is underway, the Town Council is asking residents to stay in small groups and follow government guidelines regarding social distancing.

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