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Penarth Town Council launches Kymin Bid


Penarth Town Council has confirmed that is drafting a bid to lease the Kymin house and grounds, for the use and enjoyment of the people of Penarth.

It comes as the Vale Council in January made the Kymin available for long-term lease, with interested parties being invited to set out their proposals for the future use of the building and some of the grounds.

The marketing brief states that the “existing building should be retained and that the future use of the house and gardens will be limited to community, hotel and restaurant type uses”.

Penarth Town Council have appointed an industry expert to assist them in writing the bid, who is a Penarth resident and well respected in the field. In the coming weeks, she will be seeking to engage with the community, groups and individuals, so the bid reflects the wishes and needs of the local community.


The Town Council is inviting any ideas, suggestions and comments from interested parties via

Any other questions should be directed to the Leader of the Council, Rhiannon Birch via

The deadline for submitting tender bids is 12pm on Friday, April 9.

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