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Petition To Withdraw Plans For Housing Unit Development at Cosmeston Gains Momentum


A petition calling on Welsh Ministers to withdraw plans to build almost 600 housing units on the scenic coastal area at Lower Cosmeston Farm gained 2,200 signatures in two days but needs 5,000 to be debated in the Senedd.

The petition, which was created by the "Keep Cosmeston Green" group, is calling on Welsh Ministers to, "adhere to their environmental and climate change policies and to the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2005" and withdraw the plans for the development in the Lower Cosmeston Farm area.

The planning application in question is for a "residential development, a primary school, community space and public open space with all matters reserved other than access" and is currently awaiting consultation responses.

Keep Cosmeston Green claim on their website that the development will:

  • Permanently replace 60 acres of countryside with houses and roads  
  • Compromise the peace and tranquility of our coastal path
  • Destroy wildlife and their habitats
  • Build over historic remains
  • Add thousands of extra cars onto surrounding roads every day
  • Create further delays during rush hour
  • Result in an increase in CO2 emissions
  • Increase flood risk on Lavernock Road
  • Overwhelm existing local medical services

In their petition description, the group explained:

"These green fields lie on an area of coastline and farming landscape between the Bristol Channel, Wales Coastal Path and Cosmeston Lakes Country Park (SSSI) and any development on these fields will greatly affect the local wildlife ecology and biodiversity here and in the surrounding areas together with a loss of the areas countryside amenity and local cultural-historical heritage.

"Such a large development will be unsustainable due to the lack of local highway and health infrastructure and will exacerbate traffic congestion and flooding in nearby areas.


"The land should be kept for farming and associated businesses which together with local community amenity projects will maintain the prospects of the landscape for the well-being of Future Generations."

Bro Radio spoke to Bernhard Moser, a member of the Keep Cosmeston Green group who is opposing the development, who said that one of his main objections to the development was the lack of necessary infrastructure in the area to cope with an influx of residents. He said:

"The problem is, the way Penarth and Sully are actually developed as it is, Lavernock Road and Redlands Road are already congested as it is right now. It's really terrible every morning and every evening for the traffic that goes up, either to Westbourne Road or up to the Merrie Harrier and feeding into Cardiff."

You can hear the full interview with Bernhard on Bro Radio's "The Vale This Week" from 6pm on Wednesday 4rd November.

The petition must gain 5,000 signatures by its closing date of the 27th November to be considered for debate in the Senedd. You can find the petition here. You can also view the planning application in full on the Vale's planning register here.

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