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Plaid Council raise concerns over railways sidings housing plans


Plaid Cymru councillor Millie Collins has raised concerns over plans to build 93 flats and houses on land in the railway sidings between Barry Docks and Cadoxton railway stations. 

The flats, some of which would be four or five blocks high, would be located between the railway line and Ffordd y Mileniwm, near to the junction with Wimbourne Road. 

The site would be opposite houses on Weston Hill, the other side of the railway line.  

According to the application, the vehicle access would lead on to Ffordd y Mileniwm, the main road along the south of Barry.  

Barry Town Council Planning Committee have already submitted an objection to the Vale Council.  

Plaid Cymru Councillor Millie Collins, who represents Barry Docks and the Northern Waterfront, said: 

“These are plans for building a large number of flats and houses on a small piece of land between the railway line and one of the Barry’s busiest roads. 

“There are safety issues about car access onto Ffordd y Mileniwm and it seems completely unsuitable for pedestrians. 


“There are good reasons why this site wasn’t included within the Vale Council’s Local Development Plan, because it's just not suitable for this type of development.” 

Barry Shaw, a former councillor for the area, added: 

“The proximity to Cadoxton Ponds means there are many protected species within 1km, many of which may also be on site. 

“Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water have warned that there may not be sufficient capacity for sewerage or water supply, while Natural Resources Wales have set six conditions. 

“I’ll be raising these issues with Friends of the Earth Barry & Vale, to get their expert opinion.” 

The application will be decided by the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee.  

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