Written by Nathan Spackman

Plaid councillor calls for correct street sign in Barry Waterfront debate

25th July 2020

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson has asked the Vale Council to correct and replace a 'misleading' street name on Barry Waterfront with the Welsh language version originally agreed.

Concerns have been raised that Ffordd Penrhyn on Barry Waterfront referred to an 18th century slave-owner, but the 2017 consultation by the Vale Council suggested Peninsular Way and Ffordd Y Penrhyn as options.

Researching the original consultation, Cllr Johnson pointed out that the completed street sign has missed out the 'Y', giving some people the impression that it was named after a person rather than a geographical term. 

The original consultation, shared by Cllr Johnson shows the road was named Peninsular Way, translated at Ffordd Y Penrhyn.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson, who represents the northern part of Barry Waterfront said: 

“Huge effort has gone into making Barry Waterfront a welcoming and successful new community, and names for the area were chosen to celebrate Barry’s history and local geography. 

"When consulting on the new street names in 2017, the Vale Council included the suggestions ‘Pensinsular Way’ in English and ‘Ffordd Y Penrhyn' in Welsh, so their intention was quite clear. 

“Unfortunately, the ‘Y’ has been missed out in the sign-writing, so it reads like a person’s name, like neighbouring streets Heol Tapscott, named after the Barry Town, Arsenal and Wales international footballer, and Heol Livesey, a film actor. 

“To end the confusion, I have written to the Vale of Glamorgan Council's Managing Director recommending that they should replace the sign  to become ‘Ffordd Y Penrhyn’, with the spelling in line with their original intention in the consultation.  

“Hopefully we can move on from this and focus our energies on important matters such as rebuilding Barry’s economy after the Coronavirus crisis.” 

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4 comments on “Plaid councillor calls for correct street sign in Barry Waterfront debate”

  1. Let's not fight! Some people in Barry think the name inappropriate - so just think of a new one. The Vale of Glamorgan Council should be glad that there are people in Barry concerned that signs or anything else that might unnecessarily offend people are challenged.

    Why is this a big deal? Barry was a favourite venue back in the day for day trippers - I have many friends who remember Barry with love and pleasure, why tarnish this image now?

    The Council should just apologise and think up and check out a new name.

  2. has anybody worked out the immense cost of putting everything in two languages when less than 20% of people in Wales can speak Welsh yet all of them can speak English.Its not just the signage but every official manuscript, extra printing, extra sign writing, costs in education and public authorities, costs and limitations of restricting jobs to bilingualists which effectively means jobs are limited to 1 in 5 of the population.I am now in my 70s and have lived in Wales or within 10 miles of the border for most of my life and it seems so sad to me that my country is held back from getting the best employees, limited in persuading businesses to invest in Wales and confusing to our children 80 per cent of whom will not be able to get jobs in the public services because they have not learned to be fluent in the language which is rarely heard in most homes or businesses.