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Planning In Place To Keep Upcoming Elections Safe


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has released a post online assuring residents that extensive planning work has been undertaken to ensure that polling stations for the upcoming elections are safe spaces in regards to the potential transmission of the coronavirus.

Though numbers suggest that we are currently making good progress in the effort to remove the menace of Covid-19 from our lives, it remains important that all precautions are taken to ensure minimal risk of potential transmission of the virus and therefore, the Vale Council has introduced new measures at the polling booth.

In their online post, the Vale Council said:

“Extensive planning has taken place to keep the public and staff safe at the upcoming Senedd and PCC elections. A socially distanced officer will be on hand to assist with enquiries and directions where possible. All officers will also be equipped with PPE.”


Additionally, the Council shared a link to the Electoral Commission’s website stating the three different ways residents of Wales can vote in the upcoming elections:

  • Voting in person at the polling station
  • Voting by post
  • Asking someone you trust to vote on your behalf (by proxy)

You can find out more about how to vote on the Electoral Commission website, here.

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