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Plans to install stairway and zipline at Principality Stadium so tourists ‘can experience Cardiff skyline’


Plans have been revealed to install a stairway and zipline on the roof of the Principality Stadium so tourists ‘can experience the Cardiff skyline’.

The stadium has asked for planning permission from Cardiff council to build the stairs and zipline on the roof.

If built, people will be able to climb up the spires of the gigantic stadium and look out to views of the city centre.

The plans include a ‘suspension wire bridge’, a viewing platform, and a zipline from the top of one of the roof spires.

Wheelchair users will also be able to get up to the roof of the stadium, with a ‘specifically designed wheelchair hoist’.

Designs submitted with the planning application show people walking along the roof, and riding down the zipline. The stairway up to the roof will be built from within the stadium.


The Principality Stadium, on Westgate Street, was opened in 1999, cost £121 million to build, and is home to Wales’s national rugby union team.

This year, the stadium has also been home to the Dragon’s Heart temporary hospital to deal with the impact of the coronavirus.

Plans for the stairway and zipline were sent to the council in July. They need permission from planning officers before they can be built.

The Principality Stadium was asked to comment.

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