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Police add extra weekend patrols ahead this week


With nice weather forecast for the weekend, extra police patrols are once again planned to keep coastal areas of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan safe.

Op Elstree covers key locations including Cardiff Bay, Penarth and Barry Island, as well as the Heritage Coastline stretch between Rhoose Point and Ogmore-by-Sea.

Anti-social behaviour and criminality has a detrimental impact on our communities and we will continue to work with our partners to proactively patrol these key areas to prevent such activity.

Once again Section 35 notices will be in place this weekend to prevent anti-social behaviour in Barry Island and Ogmore-by-Sea

Concerns continue to be raised about problem parking, particularly in Barry Island and Ogmore-by-Sea, and last weekend a number of fixed penalty notices were issued for parking offences such as obstruction.

Officers will be working closely with colleagues from the respective local authorities to address this issue and action will be taken where vehicles are found to be parked illegally.

Chief Inspector Bella Rees, from South Wales Police, said: “It is understandable that everyone is keen to make the most of the good weather and visit our beautiful coastal areas but we would ask visitors to please be considerate of how they park and ensure there is enough space for emergency vehicles to pass.

“Fire engines in particular are larger than cars and need more room to turn corners so please avoid parking too close to junctions.

“Every second counts when emergency services are responding to a 999 call so please park responsibly.”

Recent weekends have been largely good natured in our coastal areas with visitors creating a family-friendly environment but Section 35 notices give officers the power to move people on from an area if they are acting in an anti-social manner.

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