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24th March 2020

Police Chief Constable released message to communities

BY: Nathan Spackman

South Wales Police Chief Constable Matt Jukes has released a message to the communities it serves, following the Prime Ministers address to the nation on Monday.

In the message released on Monday, he said:

The majority of people are already making real sacrifices to save lives and we urge everyone to follow the advice that is designed to keep us all safe."

"I hope that the vast majority of our communities will recognise the need to comply with new restrictions announced by the Prime Minister based on the severity of the situation."

"South Wales Police has a track record of maintaining public order and safety in huge events and at times of emergency. We have always done so positively, with pride and professionalism."

"So, we will continue to do what we do best, engage with people. We will ask them to support their communities and stick to these important restrictions. As the public would expect, we will also enforce the existing law when this is necessary and new legal powers, as they come into effect."

"My colleagues and the police officers and other staff who you may speak with in the coming weeks are working to keep you and your families safe and well. They have families to go home to, too. Thank you, in anticipation for your support and cooperation."

Matt Jukes, Chief Constable - South Wales Police
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