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Police in the Vale ask residents to only travel "if essential"


With the whole of Wales in alert level 4 lockdown, South Wales Police are continuing to step up patrols, with additional staff to monitor non-essential travel at resorts across the County.

Despite recent reports, areas like Barry Island have seen far lower visitors number since level 4 lockdown was introduced - but Police are concerned that some residents are ignoring the rules.

On Wednesday, one man received a fixed penalty from Officers for traveling to Barry Island from Caldicot to walk their dog - with others issued with warnings for non-essential travel.

Vale Chief Inspector Tony Williams told Bro Radio "In response to reports of large visitor numbers at Barry Island, Penarth Esplanade, Ogmore-by-sea and others areas across the Vale we have stepped up patrols with our colleagues at the Vale of Glamorgan Council."

"The restrictions are clear, unless your journey is essential - you cannot drive to exercise."

Welsh Government Guide confirms that the following reasons are classed as essential:

  • to get to and from work, if you can’t work from home or it’s your only means of travelling
  • to get essential food or medical supplies
  • to support someone who is vulnerable if no-one else can do so
  • to take your children to and from an education or care setting

Despite the step up in visibility of Officers across the County, Police say "We are not in a position where we want to give fixed penalties to usually law abiding families and citizens around this issue"

"We are at a stage in the pandemic where everyone should know what is expected from the regulations."


"We have extra Officers on, as do our colleagues at the local authority so we are present - we still want to engage and encourage, around the regulations but at this stage in the pandemic, the virus is so prevalent that the message is clear."

"If its not an essential journey, then please don't drive"

Under alert level 4:

You can exercise as long as you start and finish from home.

You cannot travel without a reasonable excuse- that includes travelling a long distance for exercise.

You cannot arrange to meet up with others you don't live with indoors or outdoors.

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