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Police intercept parcel containing more than £4k cash on its way to scammers


Police in Penarth have intercepted a parcel containing more than £4k cash belonging to a pensioner that was on its way to scammers in London.

The money belonged to Anne, a local 80-year-old woman, who had received a fraudulent call from persons claiming to be from her bank.

They told Anne that money had been taken from her account but they could get it back for her if she sent them money.

A few hours after posting the money, she realised this was a fraud and contacted South Wales Police.

When Pc Jay Monk and Pc Nicholas Beynon (pictured) attended Anne’s home they discovered she had withdrawn £4,250 in cash from her bank, put it in a box and sent it by special delivery through Royal Mail to a London address.

Police Sergeant Andy Mason explains what happened next on the evening of Friday, January 15.“Pc Monk and Pc Beynon acted quickly and using the tracking number identified through the Royal Mail website that the parcel was leaving Cardiff for London.

“They attended the sorting office on Penarth Road at around 10pm hoping to obtain the driver contact number or at least get a message to the Royal Mail premises in London.

“However, due to their quick attendance they managed to get to the parcel before the driver left.


“It is highly possible that had it left for London we could have been chasing it through the system until it was too late and delivered.

“Pc Monk and Pc Beynon had the pleasure of returning the money back to Anne who was absolutely delighted.”

The matter has been reported to the Metropolitan Police and Action Fraud.

Local PCSOs have checked in on Anne after speaking with her family and our Crime Prevention Team have also visited with advice on how to spot a scam.Fraudsters may try to dupe you into handing over cash in a number of ways.

Police in the Vale have reminded residents that Police and banks will never:

  • Ask you to hand over cash,
  • They won't ask you to transfer funds between accounts.
  • They won't ask you to join an undercover investigation.
  • They won't try to force a payment by saying you face arrest.

Look out for loved ones by sharing this advice.

To report a fraud call 101. In an emergency dial 999.

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