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Police officer resigns after sex on duty

23rd November 2021

A police officer has resigned after he admitted meeting a woman for sex while he was on duty.

PC Andrew Legg admitted gross misconduct when it emerged he used South Wales Police vehicles to meet up with a woman twice in September.

The chief constable ruled the officer would have been sacked if he was still with the force.

PC Legg resigned last Thursday - five days before a misconduct hearing, which he did not attend.

In the published ruling released on Tuesday, Jeremy Vaughan said: ''On two separate occasions, the former officer made arrangements to meet a person, who I will refer to as “Ms A”, and who he had made contact with online, for the purposes of sexual activity.''

''On the first occasion, whilst on duty, former PC Legg - in police uniform and driving an unmarked police vehicle - met Ms A and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with her.''

''The second occasion occurred less than two weeks later and once more took place at a time when the former officer was on duty.''

''On this instance, former PC Legg was on duty as a police motorcyclist and attended at Ms A’s home address in uniform using a marked police motorbike. Whilst at Ms A home, he and Ms A engaged in consensual sexual intercourse.''

At the hearing, an anti-corruption officer said PC Legg had exchanged photos with the woman on September 9th.

The pair met in an unmarked police car near her home before they travelled to Porthkerry country park in Barry to have sex. Their movements were captured by the car's tracking system.

The pair continued exchanging messages, and on September 22nd, they met at Miss A's home while he was on duty as a motorcyclist.

PC Legg was employed by the force as an operational support officer.

He was put under investigation at the end of the month, and when interviewed by professional standards officers, he admitted gross misconduct.

Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan said: ''Former PC Legg has admitted this conduct when interviewed by the Professional Standards Department and readily acknowledged that he had been “stupid” and had engaged in “very
unprofessional behaviour”, adding that he had “absolutely no excuse to make for it."

''Former PC Legg resigned with effect from South Wales Police on 18/11/2021, shortly before this hearing.''

In the ex-PC's absence, his representative said he apologised ''for the embarrassment he has caused'' to the force and his family. He was ''remorseful for his actions and did not want to end his career in this way''.

Concluding his decision, chief constable Jeremy Vaughan said: ''I am satisfied that the misconduct is so serious that if former PC Legg had remained a serving police officer, nothing less than immediate dismissal would be a sufficient outcome to maintain public confidence and that the personal mitigation put forward goes nowhere near justifying a lesser sanction.''

''Former PC Legg did this whilst on duty, abusing the trust put in him by me and the wider public. Instead of keeping the roads safe, he sought to pursue a course of conduct which took him away from those duties.''

''This is completely unacceptable and the damage is done and I consequently have no hesitation to decide on dismissal as an outcome had he still been serving.''

PC Legg's name will be placed on the College of Policing list of former officers who are barred from working for the police.

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