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Police warn of bogus charity fundraisers


Police in the Vale are warning residents to be vigilant after receiving calls about bogus charity fundraisers in Penarth on Monday.

In a statement, a South Wales Police spokesperson said "Please be vigilant to bogus charity fundraisers who are making door to door collections."

It comes after officers were contacted following suspicious activity in Penarth on Monday July 13th.

A female was collecting money door to door for a sponsored walk/run on behalf of a charity for premature babies.

However she had no identification and the charity concerned has since confirmed that, due to Covid-19, none of their official collectors are working.

Police have said that a female matching a similar description has also been reported in Pontcanna in Cardiff.

Anyone with information on the individual is asked to contact 101, quoting occurrence number *248992.

There are a number of ways to protect yourself against attempted fraudulent collectors:

• Ask to see the identification of the fundraiser if you are asked to make a donation in person. All legitimate charity fundraisers carry official identification when fundraising. Make sure you are satisfied the identification is genuine.

• All charities have to be registered with the Charity Commission. Check if a charity is registered with them by visiting the Charity Commission's website.

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