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28th October 2019

Residents in rural Vale have been complaining about missed rubbish collections

BY: Matt Discombe Local Democracy Reporter

Residents in the Vale of Glamorgan have been complaining about missed rubbish collections after the council introduced changes to the way it takes recycling.

This month residents in the rural Vale have begun sorting their recycling into four new containers for card, paper, plastic, glass and cans.But the changes, which took effect in rural areas from October 14, have led to some residents complaining that their collections have been days or even weeks late, with others instead having stickers on their bags if they’ve put the wrong things in their recycling.

Councillor Gordon Kemp, who represents the rural Rhoose ward in the Vale, said he has had complaints about missed recycling.

He said: “It’s teething problems but it shouldn’t be happening that people are waiting two to three days for recycling to be collected.

“It’s a new system so people are getting used to it. What the Vale council is trying to do is get people to only put out what can be recycled.

“Because they are having these issues with trying to let people know what they can recycle that’s taken longer than they thought. It’s not acceptable – people put their waste out in good faith and expect it to be collected on the day it’s supposed to be collected.

“It’s getting better – but it’s going to take time before it beds in.”

The recycling changes are due to be introduced in Barry in spring 2020 and Penarth, Dinas Powys, Sully and surrounding areas in summer next year.

But the issues affecting residents in rural areas have had a knock-on effect for residents across the Vale.

Deputy leader Cllr Lis Burnett said in a statement on Facebook: “Collecting separated recycling is a lot more labour-intensive and takes much more time particularly when our recycling teams are also learning a new system.

The amount of waste and recycling to be collected also changes from week to week and so managing resources can be a challenge.

“Some crews have been moved to unfamiliar areas and so in addition to resource challenges they have to learn the new routes and initially do not have the local knowledge to reroute a collection if a road is inaccessible due to poorly-parked vehicles.

“While the new systems bed-in the council is trying to minimise disruption. Collection of black bag refuse is prioritised and many of our crews are working extended hours.

“If a collection is not completed on the scheduled day it will usually be picked up within 24 hours. If it’s still there 48 hours after it should have been collected it may have been overlooked and it is then helpful to let us know.”

The council banned plastic shopping bags from recycling collections last summer after accusing some residents of using them to hide food waste and soiled nappies.

It said entire lorry loads of recycling have been rejected at the processing centre due to the waste being contaminated.

The Vale of Glamorgan council has been contacted for comment.

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