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29th March 2020

Rhoose Local Business Owner 3D Printing Face Masks

BY: Ben Dain-Smith

Dave Williams of Inkdogz, a company specialising in printing and embroidery, has begun manufacturing face masks for the local community using his 3D printer.

The masks

The businessman has stated that he is doing this for the local community of Rhoose and has set up a GoFundMe page to help fund the project.

In a statement on his GoFundMe page, Dave said:

"I have decided to try and help the local community and health care in Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan with as
many masks as my family and I can print using our 3d printer. I have recuited my 9 and 5 year old who have happily volunteered to help. 

"We are not looking to make any profit from making these but any support in order to purchase the materials would be much appreciated. We are willing to give all the time and effort into making these in order to support in a small way our very much appreciated NHS staff and other keyworkers. We have already purchased some of the materials ourselves, which we will happily use until they run out. Your donations, however small, will allow us to purchase further materials to continue to produce these masks to hopefully help protect against covid-19.
"Any extra funding will be given to others who have 3D printers within the local area who may wish to support in this way."

The page has already exceeded its initial funding goal, leading Williams to up the target and continue production of the safety masks. Of this development he said:
"Due to the overwhelming response to the need of these masks, I've allowed the go fund me page to continue. This will enable us to continue to purchase further materials and potentially a second printer, which would mean doubling our mask production."

The Coronavirus virus is highly infectious and transmitted by droplets from the lungs of infected people. Face masks will help prevent wearers from contaminating their face with the virus.

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