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Royal British Legion Holding Creative Centenary Competition For Its 100th Anniversary


The Royal British Legion in Wales is holding a special creative centenary competition for young people to celebrate its 100th anniversary, giving entrants a chance of having work showcased at the Welsh Festival of Remembrance 2021.

The competition will be split into two categories with young people under the age of 18 encouraged to get involved and help commemorate the occasion of the Royal British Legion’s 100th year.

The two categories on offer are:

  • Spoken word competition
  • Art competition

Those wishing to get involved in the former are asked to produce a piece of spoken word in the form of a poem, lyrics to a song, a rap or anything they feel reflects the occasion. Additionally, the charity asks that the final piece is no longer than one side of A4 paper or 2 minutes for a recorded piece. The spoken word can be in either Welsh or English and entries from individuals or groups of up to 4 will be accepted.

Meanwhile, those who would rather produce a piece of visual art are free to create in a medium of their own choice, be that pen, pencil, paint, collage or other, as long as they feel it reflects the importance of the Royal British Legion’s work. The piece should be no larger than A2 and may be produced in black and white or colour. Much like the spoken word category, entries can be from individuals or groups of up to 4.


In their post online, the Royal British Legion said:

“For its 100th anniversary the Royal British Legion in Wales is holding a creative centenary competition, with the chance to have your work showcased at the Welsh Festival of Remembrance 2021 this November. We hope that this will be a great opportunity to get involved, learn more about The Royal British Legion and to make your mark in the Legion’s 100th year.”

The competition deadline is Monday 26th July. You can find out more, here.

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