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11th October 2019

Ryan Giggs joins Will Vaulks & Jonny Williams to demonstrate CPR

BY: Nathan Spackman

For this year’s World Heart Day, Cymru manager, Ryan Giggs joined International players Will Vaulks and Jonny Williams to demonstrate how to perform effective CPR and use a defibrillator to save a life this season.

The Football Association of Wales collaborated with FAW charity partner Welsh Hearts, the leading heart charity in Wales, to create the important instructional video. 

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World Heart Day takes place on 29 September each year to inform people that Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is Europe’s leading cause of premature death but can be reduced by adopting healthier lifestyles. CVD is preventable and can be modified by addressing risk factors, such as physical inactivity, tobacco use, unhealthy diet and overconsumption of alcohol.

Welsh Hearts detail that every week in the UK 12 people die under the age of 35 from heart problems. The FAW and Welsh Hearts aim to change that with the long-term aim of the partnership to deliver lifesaving defibrillators, equipment and training to all football clubs in Wales.

To join the Football Association of Wales and Wales’ leading Heart Charity help safeguard our footballers and spectators across the country you can donate via the JustGiving site: 

To apply for a defibrillator:

For more information on World Heart Day visit:

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