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Seasonal trains set to run from Waterfront to Barry Island this weekend


Barry Tourist Railway will be running seasonal vintage trains from its Goodsheds Waterfront Platform this weekend between the hours of 10am & 1pm.

The seasonal trains are operated by Barry Tourist Railway, who offer a fun and enjoyable day out where families can learn how railways operate, the history of railways in the Town or simply take a relaxing train journey.

Barry Tourist Railway will be running the service from a newly built platform at the Goodsheds development, which will run between 10am & 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Families taking the service will be able to enjoy an atmospheric 15 minute ride in a Great Wester Brake Van, which will be hauled by the groups vintage steam locomotive "susan".


Barry Tourist Railway have said there is no need to book - just turn up and go.

The trip is £5 per person, £7.50 for 2 person or £10 for a family of 4 or 5, with strict social distancing meaning the group can only take on family 'bubble' at a time - with payment accepted by Credit or Debit card only.

On return, families can enjoy the newly opened 'tracks' High Street which features a florist, deli and five local crafters - as well as a range of other shops and street food vendors, with plenty of Christmas gifts available.

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