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Senedd Candidates: Vale of Glamorgan


With the Senedd elections taking place on the 6th May, we have put together our guide to the eleven candidates running to represent the Vale of Glamorgan constituency.

The candidates and parties standing in the Vale of Glamorgan are as follows:

Meet the candidates standing in the Vale of Glamorgan:

Bro Radio has contacted each of the candidates/parties standing in the Vale of Glamorgan, providing them with an opportunity to submit a 300 word statement and one minute audio file, on themselves, their party and their polices.

Candidates not represented below, can submit a 300 word statement and images to

Alan Terrence Coulthard - Independent

I am a 58 year old gay man with two law degrees, who has worked as a barrister in a London Chambers. I lived in Barry for most of my life, attending St Helen’s, St Cadoc’s and Barry Boys’ schools, and my father, Terry Coulthard, and my late mother, Pat Coulthard, were also educators in the area. I have also taught numerous law students.  I now live in Cardiff Bay, but I return to Barry regularly to see my father.    

I am standing as an Independent, both in the constituency and in the South Wales Central regional election, so please consider voting for me in both ballots.

If elected, my focus will always be on my constituents. I will support any sensible Covid recovery plans from Government. However, I do have particular issues that I will drive forward if elected. As a bipolar man, I will place mental health high on my priorities, in particular the need for 24/7 access to treatment and more specialised hospitals.  Young people matter greatly to me, and I would support free school meals and measures to ensure the A-Level fiasco from 2020 is never repeated.

Equality matters to me, and I have raised money in support of women’s rights, LGBT+ rights and mental health using my contacts in the music industry, where I have also worked in the past.  I have been an ally for women’s rights and believe that the UK Government’s approaches on Clapham and hate crime have been woeful. The arts have also been neglected by the Welsh Government and urgent financial measures are needed in this regard.  I also support Green issues such as Climate Change and the protection of animals, and would support measures to reduce poverty, such as reducing the power of landlords. 

One Minute statement: Alan Terrence Coulthard - Independent

Anthony Slaughter - Green Party

I have been actively involved in Green politics, both locally at a community level and nationally across Wales, for many years, and have been leader of Wales Green Party since 2018 having previously served two terms as deputy leader. I have represented the party as an election candidate in several elections at every level. In addition to being the constituency candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan in this election I am also the lead list candidate on the South Wales Central regional ballot.

I have also had a long engagement with many community based environmental campaigns. This involvement has included initiatives such as establishing a community orchard, a local food festival and promoting sustainable public transport. I have been the lead on many local campaigns including ‘20’s Plenty’ and Plastic Free Communities. On social justice issues I have worked with the People’s Assembly and other campaigning organisations in Welsh communities. As a co-founder of Vale for Europe I was a leading voice in the campaign for a People’s Vote in Wales.

In these challenging times, during a global pandemic, with the ongoing climate crisis, environmental degradation, enforced austerity and rampant inequality our Green voice is needed more than ever here in Wales. Our manifesto sets out our plans to transform Wales, building a secure future for all through investment in thousands of truly affordable new homes, a community model for health care and advocating for a Universal Basic Income.

We are also proposing to establish a Green Transformation Fund for Wales  which will invest money into our communities creating tens of thousands of new jobs and raising the necessary finance to support our bold plans for a clean, green future for Wales.

One Minute statement: Anthony Slaughter - Green Party

Jane Hutt - Labour

I have been proud to serve the Vale of Glamorgan for the past 22 years as your Assembly/Senedd Member living in Barry with my family.

I have spent all my working life in Wales in the voluntary sector and was the first Coordinator of Welsh Women’s Aid. I am now Equalities Minister responsible for funding services and implementing the Welsh Law to protect women and victims of domestic abuse in Wales.

I went into politics serving as a South Glamorgan County Councillor for 12 years before standing for the Assembly in 1999 and being elected to represent the Vale of Glamorgan.

I have been fortunate to hold ministerial posts in health and social services, education, finance and now equalities, crime and justice. I am passionate about equality and fair play and proud to have recently launched the Wales Race Equality Action Plan.

I have supported my constituents in many different ways - securing flood alleviation plans and payments, helping thousands of people through my casework service, backing Barry Hospital and the 21st century school building benefiting our children and young people. I am Trustee of the Vale Youth Forum and Vale for Africa and I support the choirs, festivals and places of worship that enrich life across the Vale. Care, compassion and kindness are crucial in today’s society and reflect my beliefs.

The past year has been challenging for us all, and more so for some than others and we must move forward to close that gap and help Wales recover from the pandemic in a fair and sustainable way backing our businesses, protecting our environment, supporting our public services and our volunteers and it is a privilege to serve you and represent you as we move Wales forward together.

One Minute statement: Jane Hutt - Labour

Janet Deborah Brocklehurst - Propel

Janet Deborah Brocklehurst is a Propel candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan Constituency. Candidates wishing to submit their profiles are asked to send 300 words and images to

Karl James Langford - Gwlad

My name is Karl-James Langford I hold a Masters Degree in Archaeology with the University of the Highlands and Islands. I have worked and lived in the local area  most of my life, and was born and brought up in Barry. I am also an author, an actor,  and a heritage campaigner, and proud to have brought the issue's concerning  the destruction of various archaeological remains.

I stand for Gwlad Welsh Independence Party for the Vale of Glamorgan  constituency, and am the lead candidate on the South Wales Regional list,  alongside: Rosamund Ellis-Evans, Angus Hawkins, Clement Thomas.

I do not believe we need any new housing. We should utilise current empty housing. This housing as with Gwlad policy should be made affordable for those already resident in Cymru. Second homes owned by those elsewhere in  the UK, should no-longer be permitted, unless a substantial second home tax is levied. 

I see our heritage as key to the future of Cymru. The abolishment of Cadw  and it's replacement by a new fully independent but public funded body. I would also see that all archaeological work across Cymru be funded by the public purse so as to safeguard our heritage for future generations.

My personal feelings are to see the abolition of the Assembly, and replacement with full powers of an independent parliament. Furthermore all self-employed members of society should receive statutory sick pay  automatically, and the full long-term safeguards as those in employment.

Personally, I feel, all activities involving cutting down trees should cease, and every  such tree of a certain size should require a license for its felling on only set grounds. 

Gwlad offers a dynamic answer for change across Cymru, and we offer a radical answer for a way forward.

One Minute statement: Karl James Langford - Gwlad

Matt Smith - Conservatives

I went to a South Wales comprehensive school and further education college before going to Oxford University. After being called to the bar I qualified as a solicitor. I fight hard for the victims of financial mis-selling by banks. Previously I have worked for public sector clients including NHS trusts as well as the victims of injuries.

Having also worked on regulatory investigations into major commercial and financial institutions, I understand how large organisations work. As your Member of the Senedd (MS) for the Vale of Glamorgan I would use this experience to ensure the people’s priorities drive Welsh Government policy.

As we begin to open up from lockdown we need an MS that while help communities build back better from Covid. The next Senedd is an opportunity to improve the Vale’s transport infrastructure. We need to deliver the Dinas Powys bypass and improve road surfaces. I will campaign for better railway services and a train station for St Athan. I will work with the UK Government to get the M4 Relief Road done.


I will use my commercial experience to win regeneration funds for Barry, Llantwit Major, Dinas Powys, Cowbridge, Rhoose and our rural communities. I will fight for small businesses on our high streets and in our tourism industry.

We must protect the Vale against over-development by Cardiff Bay’s top-down housing targets, consult with local communities and protect our green spaces.       

We need fair funding from the Welsh Government for Vale schools and the best new jobs for young people.  

I will bring the same tenacity as a litigator to scrutinise the Welsh Government and drive improvements in delivery from the low-performance Welsh Government.

After Labour’s two wasted decades, this Senedd election is a once in a generation opportunity to vote for the positive change the Vale needs.  

One Minute statement: Matt Smith - Conservatives

Michael Hancock - Reform UK Wales

I come from Welsh and Yorkshire mining origins, but was brought up in England, moving to Wales 17 years ago.

I have an extremely broad life experience, having served as an engineer in the armed forces both in Europe and the Middle east. Later, civilian life found me applying those skills in a sales environment before a solid stint in the hospitality industry managing large public houses in London for number of years.

There followed a period of work in financial services, both as an employee of a major High Street bank, and later as a self-employed financial adviser.

A chance encounter with a personal development company brought me ‘home’ to Wales to work for them supporting various events internationally. I bring a love of Wales, and a desire for genuine political reform that will benefit all Welsh people.

We need to make sure that the Senedd understands how and why it spends the public purse. We should remember also that in June 2019 Wales Deputy Economy Minister publicly admitted that noone in the Senedd knew what they were doing in the economy – in fact ‘making it up as they go along’. Welsh government disbursement of public funds must be completely transparent and open to regular scrutiny.

Additionally, the proposed introduction of a new curriculum in schools that seeks to teach sex education to 5-year-olds is ill-advised and must be stopped.

I believe that my responsibility is to be accessible. Every constituent has a right to be heard, no matter what their need or concern. I live in the ‘real world’. I am not a career politician and commit to not behaving as one.

One Minute statement: Michael Hancock - Reform UK Wales

Neill Vasudeo Shah - Freedom Alliance

Neill Vasudeo Shah is a Freedom Alliance candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan Constituency. Candidates wishing to submit their profiles are asked to send 300 words and images to

Richard Grigg - Plaid Cymru

I was born and bred in Cardiff and moved to the Vale 15 years ago. I live in the Dinas Powys ward with my wife and 3 children. I am a solicitor who has worked in the private and public sector for the past 20 years. Prior to that I produced sports programmes for the BBC.

I am currently chair of the Dinas Powys Community Council. I was first elected to the Council in 2008. Outside of work I have been a school governor as well as being a non-executive board member of a Housing Association. I am an avid supporter of Cardiff City and the Wales football team.

I have campaigned to tackle traffic issues across the Vale and have opposed excessive housing developments.
A Plaid Cymru government would provide the best start for every child. We would provide free school meals to all children in primary schools, invest in more teachers and support staff so that class sizes can be reduced.

We would provide a green economic stimulus to create 60,000 jobs and achieve net zero emissions by 2035. We would help families by reducing the bills of average Council Tax payers. We would support the NHS by training 1,000 new doctors and 5,000 new nurses and allied health professionals and give them a deserved pay rise. We would provide free personal care for the elderly, and a guaranteed minimum wage of £10 an hour for care workers.

I believe that all decisions affecting Wales should be made in Wales, not in Westminster. Plaid Cymru will give the people a chance to have their say on Wales’ future through an independence referendum by 2026

One Minute statement: Richard Grigg - Plaid Cymru

Sally Stephenson - Welsh Liberal Democrats

Sally lives in Cowbridge with her husband and their two teenage children. She has a degree in modern languages and spent much of her career in retail marketing, before leaving the corporate world in 2013 to set up her own business. She now owns and runs The Pencil Case, the award-winning stationery and local school uniform shop on Cowbridge high street.

Sally first became actively involved in politics in 2016 when she successfully launched and led the Wales-wide campaign to persuade the Welsh Government to cut business rates and implement a multi-million pound package of financial support to protect our high streets and small businesses.

When it became clear that the Conservatives were intent on delivering a ‘hard Brexit’ which would be incredibly damaging for Wales, she set up Vale of Glamorgan for Europe and joined the Wales for Europe leadership team. This quickly led her into party politics and in 2019 she stood in both the European and General Elections, and now the Senedd elections.

As a local resident, mum and small business owner, Sally brings a wealth of valuable and relevant real-life experience to Welsh politics. She knows how difficult it has been for young people, who have missed out on school and seeing friends and family over the last year. She understands the difficulties faced by those juggling work, home-schooling and family/caring commitments. She has first-hand experience of the challenges facing small businesses in Wales, from running the day-to-day operations to the impact of business rates, Covid and Brexit.

As the Welsh Lib Dem’s Small Business Spokesperson, Sally is passionate that the Welsh Government must put recovery first and help our economy bounce back after Covid.

One Minute statement: Sally Stephenson - Welsh Liberal Democrats

Stuart Field - Abolish the Assembly Party

One Minute statement: Stuart Field - Abolish the Assembly Party

Bro Radio will bring you interviews and put your questions to candidates in the build up to the 2021 Senedd elections.

If you have a question to put to the candidates standing in the Vale of Glamorgan, then you can submit then via

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